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Quality!!! Reliability!!! Safety!!! are just a few words to describe us.

Headquartered in Belrasheed Twin Towers in Al Qusais and its wings spread across Business Bay, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, Ghulam Mujtaba Transport is a UAE based Heavy Equipment and Machinery Rental Company. Our services include efficient and diversified Industrial / MHEs, Commercial, Heavy Lifting and Moving Solutions for industries ranging from Construction, Oil & Gas, Marine, Metro, Infrastructure, Logistics, FMCG and other industries throughout the region.

We offer highest quality of equipment with 24/7 service support with our dedicated team of professional engineers providing timely solutions. All of our equipment is maintained with highest operational standards with each of them having its HSE test certificates. Our operators are highly skilled and trained in their area of specialty and comply with safety standards at all times. We believe SAFETY FIRST AND EVERYTHING ELSE LATER.


To excel in the field rentals of Industrial, Commercial and Construction Machinery Equipment towards competitive pricing through efficient systems and procedures towards improving efficiency and by reducing the operating overheads.


To evolve as a more dominant player in UAE in the field of industrial, commercial and construction rental solutions that gradually enable towards bringing in a positive change and transformation in the way businesses are conducted ethically.

  • Safety is to take continuous action to ensure a safe work environment for employees, subcontractors and the public;
  • Quality is to take continuous action to build quality;
  • Integrity is to follow honest and transparent business principles in all that we do;
  • Commitment is to do what we say we are going to do;
  • Entrepreneurship is to continually seek out opportunities to be challenged and to grow;
  • Accountability is to be leaders who take responsibility and ownership for what we do;
  • Acknowledgement is to take pride in achievement and to celebrate successes.
  • Use a strategic approach in selecting projects that will meet the Annual Business Plan goals;
  • Develop and maintain an Estimating Management System;
  • Be selective in choosing our customers and type of projects;
  • Ensure that GMT has the ability to meet our customers’ requirements;
  • Select suppliers and subcontractors based on their ability to meet our customers’ requirements;
  • Review project tenders to ensure that our customers’ requirements are adequately defined and clearly documented;
  • Ensure our customers’ requirements are communicated to all relevant employees before initiating the project;
  • Deliver projects according to our customers’ contract specifications;
  • Provide innovative solutions on complex and demanding projects;
  • Maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with selected customers;
  • Understand our customers’ current and future needs;
  • Undertake a customer satisfaction survey at the completion of each project.
HSE and Quality

Ghulam Mujtaba Transport is completely dedicated to implement all HSE and Quality regulations over UAE. The priority given to HSE and Quality based on highest standards and procedures, strengthens Ghulam Mujtabas relationship with customers and assures the integrity of our services. Our aim to achieve “zero-defect & no injury policy” performance. Performing at this standard has been Ghulam Mujtaba Transports key to achieve great successes in UAE market. All of our equipment has been certified and all of our operators holding competency certificates.

Our Team

Ghulam Mujtaba Transport is organized with qualified operators and drivers working 24/7 as required by customers to ensure round the clock services. Prevention plays a influential role in Ghulam Mujtaba Transport maintenance system. Managed by professional Ghulam Mujtaba Transport maintenance team aims at:

  • Lowering the risk of failure of equipment
  • Customer satisfaction at best
  • Eliminating time loss of our customers.

Ghulam Mujtaba Transport is dedicated to safety procedures as an ever growing concern in all job sites. Our operation team is managed by highly experienced engineers and staffs, prepared for fast and reliable support to all construction , oil & gas , infrastructure projects in all UAE.