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Ghulam Mujtaba Transport LLC

Our Company History

Quality!!! Reliability!!! Safety!!! are just a few words to describe us.

Headquartered in Belrasheed Twin Towers in Al Qusais and its wings spread across Business Bay, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, Ghulam Mujtaba Transport is a UAE based Heavy Equipment and Machinery Rental Company.


Why Choose Us


To excel in the field rentals of Industrial, Commercial and Construction Machinery Equipment towards competitive pricing through efficient systems and procedures towards improving efficiency and by reducing the operating overheads.


To evolve as a more dominant player in UAE in the field of industrial, commercial and construction rental solutions that gradually enable towards bringing in a positive change and transformation in the way businesses are conducted ethically.


Safety is to take continuous action to ensure a safe work environment for employees, subcontractors and the public;
Quality is to take continuous action to build quality;


Heavyquipment / Machinery/ Rental.

  1. 100+ employees

  2. 50+ projects Completed

  3. 100+ machinery available

  4. 4 Branches

  5. 20+ customer satisfied awards